About us

Dr. S Lata is a leading Gynaecologist and Obstetrician and a family physician having her clinic in Gurgaon. At Dr S Lata Abortion Clinic in Gurgaon she provides services like painless abortion with pills, family planning procedures, cancer detection, cervical cancer vaccination, Pregnancy screening, infertility treatment, sexual health counselling, menopausal screening and Pap’s smear.

Her Gurgaon clinic follows a holistic approach to medicine which starts with taking a complete history from the patient, establishing a rapport with the patient to make her comfortable to discuss all aspects of the disease thereby leading to a thorough diagnosis.

Abortion by pills means getting rid of the pregnancy with the help of medicines or drugs. The earlier these medicines are taken after a missed cycle the better is the success rate. Most of the doctors prefer to use medical abortion if the pregnancy is less than 7 weeks but the same medicines can be used in different combinations for any gestation. The biggest advantage of a medical abortion is that it is totally private. No one may ever come to know of it. There is no need for a hospital or operation theater admission. There is no need for any anesthesia and we avoid all side effects associated with the anesthetic drugs. It is a cheaper option as compared to surgery. The medicines are usually very safe and the process does not affect your future conception.