About Dr. S Lata

dr s lata abortion clinic gurgaonDr S Lata | Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Family Physician Gurgaon

Dr S Lata is one of the senior most Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Family Physician in the city of Gurgaon. She has the vast experience of more than 35 years and has treated thousands of patients. She has been associated with number of hospitals in both India and overseas.

She has worked in some of the most prestigious hospitals like Queen Elizabeth Hospital (United Kingdom), Benshem General Hospital(UK), Dunston Hill Hospital(UK). After working in United Kingdom for many years she came back to India and worked in renowned medical college and after that she opened her own hospital in North Delhi “Lata Hospital”.Now she runs her own clinic at Nirvana courtyard,Nirvana Country in Gurgaon.She is registered with Medical Council of India and General Medical council of London.

Dr. S Lata is known for her sincerity, empathetic attitude and clinical acumen for diagnosing  women’s problems. She believes in a holistic approach to a women and understands how her mental status and family situation may affect her physical well being.