Medical Abortion by Pills

Want to abort but fear about the surgical procedure? Don’t worry. We, at the Best Abortion Clinic in Gurgaon, are always there to help in your need.

The renowned and trusted Dr. S Lata provides best solutions to end the unwanted pregnancy without undergoing the surgical procedure. She recommends safe Medical Abortion by Pills considering the health concerns of a would-be mother.

What is abortion pill?

Medical Abortion or abortion pill is an effective and proven way to terminate the early pregnancy through medication.

Women seeking Abortion Near Me during starting weeks of the first trimester are generally advised to go with this safe option. This procedure is usually considered helpful up to 7 weeks pregnancy. If the days increase from this range, consult with the doctor before taking any decision.

How abortion pills work and what are its side effects?

The Pregnancy Abortion Pills are a process of taking two different pills in a prescribed order. A doctor gives the first medicine to prevent the progress of pregnancy and suggest taking another pill after a couple of hours.

Medical Pregnancy Abortion is highly effective because it works in a natural way without giving much pain to an expecting mum. It is just like having an early miscarriage. A woman generally feels little tiredness, diarrhea, pain in the belly, upset stomach, heavy bleeding with large clots, and dizziness.  

Consult Dr. S Lata to get more vital information about which abortion pill is right for you and when should you take it.